Discounting Ideas For Cheap Pizza Restaurant Menu Printing

Published: 21st January 2009
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If your menu is attractive in your opinion, and includes high quality images of your signature dishes, you may be surprised to know that it may in fact still not lead to sales. In a competitive market you do need to be able to convince customers to order from you and not your rivals. One way to do this is to offer discounts, in a variety of forms. Here are a few.

A standard way of issuing discounts with menus is to include vouchers, or promotional codes which will entitle the recipient to a saving on their order. Usually this is pretty successful at encouraging people to try your takeaway for a first time, as they can save money in the process of potentially finding a great new place to order food from.

Many owners of takeaways will also add "meal deal" choices to their menus. These are basically bundles of food (in a logical structure), such as a main course, a secondary portion or two and a drink. These prove to very popular amongst customers, due to the fact they offer a complete meal solution, whilst still maintaining a healthy profit margin for the proprieties.

In addition to offering discounted rates in the form of vouchers to the general public, if there are a lot of students in your local area, for example if you are based near a University, you should strongly consider implementing student discount across your menu, or at least on the more popular items, or deals. Students enjoy takeaways, but tend not to have too much money to spend, so this is a great way of convincing them to purchase from you and not a rival. This will really help you corner the student market, which could bring in a lot of extra revenue for your business.

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